Barbara Daley: Art Journaling Near & Far

Artist Statement

 Expressing ourselves creatively is a human birthright. Itis who we are, each in our unique way. The well known Artist, Pablo Picasso, once observed that "Every child is an artist.The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up".

Keeping an Art Journal or Visual Journal or Sketchbook Journal is an excellent way to get back in touch with that part of us which always WAS an artist. Although the journal MAY be shared, it's purpose is to practice a way of life. It really IS about the journey, not the destination.

For me, keeping a journal is about celebrating and honouring the ordinary moments of life that are often passed by.

When I was visiting Northern India, I had a very simple digital camera, and that was my primary means to honour the things I saw. One day, on a trip into the Thar Desert, everyone in our group was photographing the majestic landscape at large, but I found myself crawling after this little dung beetle, making his way across the vast dunes.

He has become my role model, as I have since then found myself, in the words of Rumi, "being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what you truly love"