Barbara Daley: Art Journaling Near & Far

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Finally had a chance to sit down and enjoy looking through the Health & Happiness Journalling portion of your site. Our students were so fortunate to be able to spend the day with you. Hope you will join us again this Spring!
Laurie Shuster - 27 Aug 2014
Barbara Daley is a brilliant artist. Your work is so wonderful. I have the pleasure of owning an original drawing of myself by Barbara. I love it so much. I can't thank you enough Barb.
Tommy Kane - 4 Jun 2014
Congratulations on your site and on your amazing growth as an artist, Barb. Your journey is so inspiring!! XDanny
Danny Gregory - 29 Apr 2014
I love your Spring ZIA Barb.
Linda Gibos - 20 Mar 2014
Great website Barbara, full of colour, light and inspiration. So looking forward to having you teach at El Molino in October!
hilary - 1 Mar 2014
Love your site. Love your part of the country. Have driven The Alcan many times. When we lived in Alaska I had my art in several galleries. I paint under the nana me J Rose. Have been out of the art for a few years. Trying To renew the old passion.
Judie Jepson - 25 Feb 2014
Your site in both informative and entertaining. So glad that you can share your talents and the beauty you create with the world.
Tammy Bilodeau - 25 Feb 2014
Here it is Barb! Wow your website is great; the colours, the topics, the interest, the excitement and the creativity ....all there in volumes. I will visit and revisit many times just to see how it changes. Congratulations Barb on your new journalling "far" in Spain soon. Thi is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Blessings on you my friend for sharing your life so generously.
Mary Parslow - 24 Feb 2014
Barb,I love your work. Keep on posting!
Delia Christianson - 22 Feb 2014
Wow; very inspirational. So glad Barbara to be getting to know you better through Facebook. Your work is very colorful.
Jennifer Trently - 22 Feb 2014
Such wondrous use of color,so much feeling. I love it
Debbie White - 22 Feb 2014
Beautiful, Barbara! What a wonderful creation. Your artwork is inspiring. Blessings!
Dana Reynolds - 22 Feb 2014
Barb, I love your enthusiasm and your habit of doing what moves you, which is not necessarily "in the box." Your artwork just goes from strength to strength and your ability to make it a shared journey rather than a striven-to-accomplish product is engaging and inspiring!
Laurel Batterham - 22 Feb 2014
Really love your work, Barb. Inspiring the artist in me. Maybe I'll come for a one-day workshop this summer.
Karen Gonzales - 22 Feb 2014
Beautiful work Barb! Keep on! Looking forward to seeing your work at Fandango!
Joanne Banman - 22 Feb 2014
You are our inspiration to believe in our ability that everyone is an artist no matter what our inner critic says! Your home is like a walk-in art gallery! Wish we could be a silent guest who looks over your shoulder creating works of art that continue to amaze us all! You will be awesome in Spain! Folks will be lucky to learn from you! ....I love what you do with your greens!
Deb and Pat Martin - 22 Feb 2014
Such beautiful art. Your passion is so vibrant!
Misty Hebert - 22 Feb 2014
Wonderful site Barb! I always find such inspiration looking at your art. We are blessed to have one of your very special pieces in our home and I cherish it every day! Much gratitude!
Jill - 22 Feb 2014
Great website! Full of interesting pieces, easy to follow, and great quality! You are an inspiration for many of us. Thank you!
Tabitha Logan - 22 Feb 2014
Your upcoming course in Spain looks amazing! Hopefully you will keep teaching there and someday I could come!
Samara Giesbrecht - 22 Feb 2014
Wow, I watched the drawings scroll by, amazing, you have been to some wonderful places! I like the pic of your book shelf of journals, and the ones that are too fat to close, because of all the paint and collage you have done. Colorful, bright, free flowing, collage, great composition, cheerful, they tell a story of your journeys!
Amy Vetter - 22 Feb 2014
This is so great Barb! Wow, good for you!
Trina Powers - 22 Feb 2014
Barb your work is amazing so proud to call you my friend
Francie - 22 Feb 2014
it was lovely to look at your website this morning. very impressive
Doris Brocke - 22 Feb 2014
Hey Barb! Beautiful site...I expect an update every single day, no exceptions! :)
Morgan - 22 Feb 2014
Love your work Barb! Your use of colour and humour warms the heart.
Grace Fika - 22 Feb 2014
You are an inspiration for how you keep challenging yourself creatively and sharing it with others.
Lori Bonertz - 22 Feb 2014
I've always loved your artwork, Barb. Thanks for sharing :)
Judy Desfosses - 22 Feb 2014
Hi Barb Congratulations on your beautiful work, you got talent. I love your website
Brenda Lewis - 22 Feb 2014
You are an inspiration. The artist within is beginning to awake. As I move around in my day your beautiful works pop out from the back ground and say hello. I enjoy your textile design in Brenda's yoga studio!
Edwina Nearhood - 22 Feb 2014
Great website Barb! Beautiful work!!
Donna Bozarth - 21 Feb 2014
Beautiful Barb!! Your one creative lady!!
Desirae Bedell - 21 Feb 2014
Thank you for sharing your beautiful work for us to enjoy!
Rhonda Zeunert - 21 Feb 2014
You are downright famous now Barb!! Looks great. ;-)
Linda Gibos - 21 Feb 2014
Great website!!
Jennifer Lalonde - 21 Feb 2014
Glad to see you've got your own website!
Sarah - 21 Feb 2014
Thank you for sharing your journals of your wonderful trips. They truly tell a story.
Cindy Gerstel - 21 Feb 2014
I wanted to rewrite my Facebook message to you here, hope you don't mind. Hi Barb, I am glad to see this page. I remember when you had that great exhibit at the Cultural Centre of your trip to India. That was one of the main exhibits I remember because I enjoyed it so much. I remember hoping to have bought a print and then I went back and the one I liked was sold. Then when I went to the Medical clinic to work that summer there it was on the wall!!!! I think the gift of being an artist is special. Thank you for sharing it.
Christine Todd - 21 Feb 2014
Elsa - 21 Feb 2014
Loved your latest journal! It's so nice to have all new subject ideas, it must have been a very interesting trip!
Leah Garrison - 21 Feb 2014
Loved your latest journal! It's so nice to have all new subject ideas, it must have been a very interesting trip!
Leah Garrison - 21 Feb 2014
Awesome website Barbara, your work is beautiful.
Christina Gregoire - 21 Feb 2014
I love how unique and inspiring your art is! What a great idea to post it on your own site :)
Natasha Hancharuk - 21 Feb 2014
Beautiful artwork and web site, Barb. So, tell me - is your favourite place the last place you've been or the place you look forward to going?
Lisa Bush - 21 Feb 2014
Barb, you are such an amazing artist! You are a very special person to us and we are so proud to have two of your pieces from India displayed in our home. We look forward to seeing more amazing pieces of your work!
Jocelyn Robbins - 21 Feb 2014
Looking good, Bard! I love the movement in your sketches, I'm especially fond of the TIKI renderings.
Megan Brooks - 21 Feb 2014
I think your art is wonderful Babs xx I love every thing you have posted on FB xx inspiring xx I only wish I could see some of your art work in this country!!!
Julia brundell - 21 Feb 2014
Beautiful site Barb. Love your use of colour. Can't wait to see more.
Irene Lavigne - 21 Feb 2014
Your work is very unique, bright and cheerful! Takes me all over the world with the bright colors expressing the vibrant surroundings
Rebecca Laboucan - 19 Feb 2014
Extrordinaire! Wonderful. Truly your art makes life so colorful. Inspiring. Thank you and Wow!
Elizabeth Cameron - 7 Feb 2014
Really nice site Barb. We're visiting with Mom right now. Hope you and Brian are enjoying the islands.
Jim Peltier - 4 Feb 2014
This is so cool! Congratulations! Have fun with it!
Sharon Krushel - 2 Feb 2014
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