Barbara Daley: Art Journaling Near & Far
Mandolin Sketches Even the Bag is "Journal Worthy" Leopard Rock
"Nimblefingers Bluegrass" Fiddle JournalFort Nelson Heritage Museum Sketches (2009)Sea Queens of Newfoundland
Jeremy Fisher "FingerPlay" 4 Face in a window (mine)
Art AdventuresCreative Doodling and Meditative DrawingZIA ( "Zentangle Inspired Art")
Hand Me a Pear.... Tiki, Hawaii Journal Olive Groves, "Work-in-progress"
Health & Happiness 2014 Bert Ambrose SchoolHawaii 2014 Travel JournalSpain Travel Journal
Market Umbrella Stencil play derived from "Taj Mahal" photo The Four Limitless Ones Series
Beijing, China & Guilin , China Travel JournalNorthern India Travel JournalArtwork ( from private collections/commissions)
Encaustic Collage "Correo Aereo" Sketch while waiting...
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Dystopic New Frontier Spring Birdy Meditative Doodle
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