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HELLO!!! It is time to join in with Summer4seva....the direct link, to donate $100 to, in exchange for a Sunday of Small Group learning & PLAY... "Creative Doodling and Meditative Drawing"


SEVA gets the $100 on-line donation (100% 0f it! ) to restore sight to those in the developing world with PREVENTABLE BLINDNESS. $ 100 funds cataract corrective surgury for TWO eyes !!! And YOU get the Tax Receipt!

You get a Full One Day Creativity Retreat at "7 Bangles Art & Design", located at 10166 257Rd, Airport Sub, just outside of Metropolitan Ft St John (This event goes on the road to interested groups, such as Ft Nelson and Dawson creek...) OH! AND you get a Beautiful High Quality PaperBlanks Journal to bring home!

First Session will be Sunday June 8, IN DAWSON CREEK ART GALLERY, June 15 will be FTST JOHN Father's Day Special...

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This month is about the "Journey of Discovery" program, for Gr. 4 & 5 students. Why Gr 4 and 5?

Dr Brene Brown, in "The Gifts of Imperfection" cites research that indicates that for most children in the early years, creativity comes naturally. However, at about Gr 4 and 5, though, many students become harsh critics of their own artwork, judging it inferior to other students. Many quietly conclude that they are not "good at this", and withdraw from artmaking.

The Regional Juried Art Exhibit rotates to our community every six years, and it seemed a great opportunity to give these students a boost! Thanks to sponsors School District # 60, Pimm's Production Equipment, and BarbaraDaleyNearAndFar, 250 students will have a guided tour of the exhibit, meet volunteer artists, read the classic Peter H. Reynolds book "Ish", and receive their OWN Arterro Art Journaling Kit ! Many thanks to the Ft St John Community arts Council, Peace Gallery North, the Public Library, the Artist Volunteers, our Sponsors for what has been a wonderful experience!

(posted on 20 Mar 2014)

Happy First Day of Spring!, I think, looking out over the frozen wasteland. Nevermind, no matter how it looks and feels today, SPRING is COMING. Celebrating this today with some ZIA, which is "Zentangle Inspired Art". Been looking over new Zentangle and Creative Doodling Books....Seventh person to comment on this piece today, ON the "Guestbook" will receive it as a gift!

(posted on 17 Mar 2014)


Today was an AWESOME day, at Bert Ambrose Elementary School, where the students participated in a Conference called Health and Happiness. Seven students and i spent three hours drawing, doodling, dangling and dallying.

A good time was had by all...

(posted on 9 Mar 2014)

Inspired today by a passage from the book "Ink and Honey" by Sibyl Dana Reynolds. Love to work with an image from poetry or wisdom writings.

(posted on 4 Mar 2014)

Yesterday, it was so cold here that my little old car screamed when I started it up, even after being plugged in all night. After carrying out various responsibilities, familial, civic , and otherwise, I dropped by the Stationary store on my way home, feeling the NEED for more Sharpie's. Later, at home and "on hold" on the phone, I found myself drawing on my well worn and scuffed hiking boots. "DON'T DO THAT!!" , a voice in my head warned.

Then I remembered that I was an adult, I indeed HAD bought these boots, AND new Sharpie's....

(posted on 18 Feb 2014)

This is my face, as I contemplate flying home to Northern British Columbia!

(posted on 18 Feb 2014)

Using NeoColor wax pastels (water-soluble) to draw a "Bird of Paradise" blossom, and doodling in the negative space...

(posted on 18 Feb 2014)

HAD to draw these Tiki masks, over the, HAD to order, too!

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